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The mission of the Task Analysts, Officer and Senior NCO, is to lead and manage analysis of the critical performance needs and requirements of the Army Chaplain Corps as they provide the foundation for education and training. This analysis is expressed through improved existing and newly developed individual and collective tasks which provide the foundation for the design, development, implementation and evaluation of education and training products.

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Individual Critical Task List (ICTL)  

Individual Critical Task List are a list of tasks deemed critical by a Critical Task Site and Selection Board which must be performed to accomplish his/her mission and duties and to survive in the full range of Army operations.  Click on the links below for a list of task in each course or skill level:  (These documents have internal links that are CAC Required)



Chaplain Common Core

Chaplain Basic Officer Leaders Course

Chaplain Captain Career Course



Skill Level 10

Skill Level 20

Skill Level 30

Skill Level 40

Skill Level 50

Collective Task

Battalion Level Task

Brigade Level Task



Chaplain Corps Task Master Tracker (.xls) 

Task Development Process

As the need for a Task is identified it goes through the approval process.  The approval process assesses the need and ensures the request is justified.  This presentation will walk you through the process


Critcal Task Site and Selection Boards (CTSSB)

The board itself is a group composed of field forces, subject matter experts, developers, education specialists, and members of CDID/FFID who come together to identify Chaplain and Religious Affairs Specialist critical tasks that must be performed to successfully accomplish the mission and duties as well as survive in the full range of military operations.


Individual task - The lowest behavioral level in a job or duty that is performed for its own sake.  Individual tasks include common skill level and soldier tasks.


Critical individual task is a task an individual must perform to accomplish his/her mission and duties and to survive in the full range of Army operations.  Critical tasks must be trained.  Types of tasks that can be identified as critical include common skill level and common Soldier tasks.


Responsibility of a CTSSB Member:

(a)  Recommend changes, that is, rewording, combining, additions, or deletions of tasks to the total task inventory.

(b)  Provide technical information and advice to the board. 

(c)  Determine criticality of each task based on the task selection model.

(d)  Recommend (rate) each task as critical or noncritical.

(e)  Determine where the task should be trained.  Institutional- USACHCS, Operational- Installation/Unit, and Self/Team Development.


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