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Design, develop, execute and evaluate resident and non-resident institutional education, training and leader development for Chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialist of all three components.

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The Directorate of Training and Leader Development The Directorate of Training and Leader Development

The Directorate of Training  produces professional religious support leaders capable of serving a diverse force in any environment under any conditions.  There are three divisions within the Directorate: Initial Military Training (IMT), Professional Military Education (PME), and Training Development Division (TDD).  The TDD includes the Task Analysts and Subject Matter Experts (SME's).  Additionally, the Directorate houses the Religious Support Simulation Center, providing mission command system, gaming, and simulation training.  The Training Directorate serves as the Chaplain Corps' institutional training and educational home and supports the Operational Training Domain within our branch.  This portal serves our Branch as a point which personnel throughout the Chaplain Corps may access for support in building their own training plans and programs.   

 How to Develop Training

Build your own training that will suit your specific needs.  This Training Guide (pdf) and the information contained in this portal will help you develop relevant and effective training for Chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists.  

Army Training Network

Accessing the Army Training Network (ATN) is easy; it can be accessed with or without a Common Access Card (CAC).  Accessing the ATN without a CAC allows the user to view contents of the ATN on personal computers, mobile devices and tablets.  To access ATN without a CAC, simply go the ATN homepage and click on the blue "More DS Logon Options" button and follow the instructions to setup your username and password.    

Initial Military Training

Religious Affairs Specialist Advanced Individual Training

Chaplain Basic Officer Leader Course

Professional Military Education

Advanced Leaders Course

Senior Leaders Course

Chaplain Captains Career Course

Operational Religious Support Leaders Course

Resource Managment

Task Analyst and Subject Matter Experts 

Task Analyst

Subject Matter Experts

Religious Education

Four Chaplains Remembrance Content

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Four Chaplains Message (pdf)

Four Chaplain 75th Anniversary Display (ppt)

Four Chaplains 75th Remembrance Script (doc) 

Four Chaplains Invocation (doc)

Four Chaplains Brinsfield Article (edited) (doc)

Four Chaplains Johnson Article (doc)

Four Chaplains Service Guide (pdf) 

Four Chaplains Video Display (ppt)

Interactive Multi-Media Instructions (IMI) Interactive Multi-Media Instructions (IMI)

The U.S. Army Chaplain Corps has developed a series of doctrinal publications and supplementary digital references to support training Chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists for the future. The Chaplain Corps must be ready, trained and continually learning to better perform its mission. Below, each Interactive Multi-Media Instructions (IMI) focuses on a specific aspect of religious support and is a supplemental companion to a doctrinal publication. View the IMI Storyboard for more information or select any IMI below to jump right in to a specific topic.


Funerals & Memorials

Funerals & Memorials

External Advisement

External Advisement

Religious Support Planning

Religious Support Planning

Religious Support Overview

Religious Support Overview

Internal Advisement

Internal Advisement