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56M10 AIT is a 7-week course that completes the transformation of civilian recruits into Religious Affairs Specialist trained in basic religious support. It trains and assesses 28 critical skill level one tasks.

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Note: Effective 1 October 2017, 56M MOS name changed from "Chaplain Assistant" to "Religious Affairs Specialist".

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Excerpt from DA Pam 611-21(PDF) MOS Smart Book 2019


AIT Smartbooks

Information extracted from the Program of Instruction (POI) of each course as of April 2020.

AIT Smartbook (PDF)- Taught at Ft. Jackson, SC (USACHCS) (7 week course)

AIT Smartbook MOS-T Reclassification Course Phase 1 (PDF)- (Distance Learning)

AIT Smartbook MOS-T Reclassification Course Phase 2 (PDF)- Two week course at Ft. Knox, KY.

Links and Resources

Army Publishing Directorate

This is the link to the official Department of Army (DA) publications site and includes all forms and documents managed by the Army Publishing Directorate (APD).  This site has the latest collection of electronic Army publications and DA forms.

Battle Command Knowledge System (CAC Required)

"Share What You Know, Find What You Need"

Central Army Registry (CAR) (CAC Required)

This link will provide Leaders with a list of approved Critical Task List for Chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialist.  Additional information includes approved FM's, TCs and ATPs.

After CAC Access login; Search for School Code 805D  for access to Chaplain Center and School critical task list.

Army Career Tracker (ACT) (CAC Required)

This link is to a multi purpose website that enables the service member to track their careers as well as that of their subordinates and mentees.  It includes progression map for the MOS, assignments, promotions and the 56M communities page (CAC Required) that has various tools and products uploaded by other 56Ms.