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The mission of the Religious Support Simulation Center is to provide the technical expertise to educate and train in a synthetic environment in order to ensure the Chaplain and Religious Affairs Specialist realize their training objectives.  The Religious Support Simulation Center is a resource for a variety of training opportunities throughout the career of all religious support professionals.

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A little rusty on FBCB2 (JCR)?  This link (CAC Required) will take you to all the training you need to be the best JCR operator. For more information on FBCB2/JCR and other Mission Command systems visit the LandWarNet eUniversity (CAC Required) and click on the Mission Command tab.


Forgot what you learned about CPoF?  Go here (CAC required) to retrieve all the training info you need to be successful with CpoF.  LandWarNet eUniversity has an abundance of other material available.  Visit LandWarNet eUniversity (CAC Required) today!



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