Every Chaplain Corps Member A Recruiter (ECAR) Every Chaplain Corps Member A Recruiter (ECAR)

Mission Mission

"We need to recruit the next generation of chaplains today.  We need chaplains who are passionate about caring for the souls of Soldiers and their Families, and who can operate effectively in a pluralistic environment."  - CH(MG) Thomas J. Solhjem, Chief of Chaplains. 

Welcome to the U.S. Chaplaincy's Every Chaplain Corps Member a Recruiter (ECAR) Initiative.

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Welcome! Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in learning more about ECAR!  On this site you’ll find slide decks and digital materials to help train yourself and others to conduct ECAR activities and events.



You are free to download any items you like.  Please DO customize the slide decks to help you present ECAR training to your UMTs.  They have been designed to help you conduct this training “as-is!”  There are suggested SCRIPT and ADMIN NOTES to help you on most of the slides.  You will see other slides available on specific topics that go more in depth than the slides do.  They are for your reference.  The ultimate goal has been was to make this training easy for you to conduct as possible.

The digital brochures are meant for you to download and share them with potential applicants for the Chaplain Corps.

Finally, as an example of what a "Chaplaincy 101" brief is like, you can download a version used personally by the chaplain who created it as a template to create your own.

If you have questions or comments to help us improve these products please email us at: 


Thank you for what you are doing to help fill the ranks of our Total Army Chaplain Corps!

ECAR Training Slide Decks

ECAR, Full Training for UMT members, Version 4 FEB 2022

ECAR, Training for Shorter, CHBOLC, Classes, 15 FEB 2022


ECAR Digital Handouts: Primary

Recruiting Info Card, Digital for RA & USAR

"Chaplain Corps a Sacred Calling" Recruiting Brochure

Chaplain Corps 246th Anniversary Celebration


CH Recruiter Contact Info ALL Compos

Contact Info and Instructions: All COMPOS, FEB 2022


Recruiting Incentives ALL Compos

Incentives: all COMPOS FEB 2022


Recruiting & Social Media Web Sites

CH Corps Social Media Links, FEB 2022


ECAR Digital Handouts: Secondary

Army Chaplain FAQ

Chaplain Candidate Program

Chaplain Rabbi Factsheet

Chaplain Orthodox Factsheet


ECAR & ROTC: Information for Cadets interested in the Chaplaincy

Army Chaplain ROTC Factsheet

Educational Delay (ED-Delay) Process & Info, SEP 2021

Cadet Command UMT FaceBook Page Info, June 21


Garrison Recruiting and ECAR Info

Garrison Recruiting Role, AR 165, and ECAR PROMO


ECAR TDY Opportunities

ECAR TDY Opportunities Info


ECAR CH Professional Academic Engagement Opportunities

CH Professional Engagement OPS


Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agencies for all Chaplains and CH Candidates

Link to AFCB's public list of Endorsing Agencies


Directors of Religious Eductation Info

Info on DRE's


Chaplaincy 101 Brief

Chaplaincy 101 Brief, OCCH Product, DEC 2021


Army 101

Who Is Your Army (2019)


If you have questions about ECAR, please contact us.