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Train Promotable Staff Sergeant Chaplain Assistants in the critical tasks necessary to fulfill the roll of a Sergeant First Class through classroom instruction, peer-to-peer discussion, assessments, written papers, graded briefs and a simulated exercise. 

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Each link below will take you to a document that lists every task for that skill level.  To obtain the steps for that task, click the PDF icon next to the task number on the left side.

Skill Level 10

Skill Level 20

Skill Level 30

Skill Level 40


Questions?  Contact the SLC Course Manager.



Combined Arms Center Multimedia Resources

The Combine Arms Center has developed outstanding, interactive media instructional (IMI) lessons covering many of the of the foundational doctrinal publications. (CAC enabled)

The following IMIs are of particular interest to Sergeants First Class and are central to NCOES courses:


The Army Publishing Directorate (requires CAC) is a comprehensive website that contains all of the current FMs, ADPs, ADRPs, ATPs, ATTPs, and Forms.  This site is highly useful for researching training topics.



SLC Smart book:  Serves as a read ahead to SLC and a look back at content that is covered in SLC for refresher purposes.  This can also serve as a starting point for building training.


Additional Toolbox Resources

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:

Critical Thinking Facts (doc)

Critical Thinking Reasoning Checklist (doc)

Army Problem Solving Guide (doc)

Army Problem Solving Process (doc)


Resource Management

For the most up-to-date resources on Resource Management please see the Resource Management page.


Managing the Garrison Chaplain Office and Property

SAMPLE Garrison Chaplain Office SOP (doc)

SAMPLE PBUSE Hand Recipt (xls)

DA Form 3328 (pdf)

DA  Form 2062 (pdf)

DA Form 3161 (pdf)

DA Form 3749 (pdf)


Religious Support Operations

SAMPLE Assessment of Determining Training Requirements (doc)

Cultural Awareness Resources (ppt)

SAMPLE Running Estimate Format (doc)

SAMPLE Religious Support Plan Format (doc)

Religious Accommodation - DODI 1300-17 (pdf)

SAMPLE Religious Accommodation Request Memo (doc)

Risk Management - DD 2977 (pdf)