1A First Army Training Center (UMT) 1A First Army Training Center (UMT)

Mission Mission

First Army partners with National Guard and Army Reserve Unit Ministry Teams to achieve Operational Religious Support readiness in support of all Unified Land Operations.

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Intent Intent

The Army’s #1 priority is readiness. First Army Brigade UMTs provide Observer/Coach-Training Support during pre and post mobilization exercises and support home-station training events as requested. 

The resources on this website prepare Unit Ministry Teams to plan and conduct home station training that equips them to provide operational religious support for Unified Land Operations. Operational Religious Support Training applies Battle Focused Religious Support Tasks to unit training exercises in order to develop Unit Ministry Teams capable of advising and providing religious support for their units. 

All training exercises are opportunities for Unit Ministry Teams to conduct religious support estimates, build religious support plans, develop RS COPS for battle tracking, practice trauma ministry plans, and integrate movement and communication plans into unit mission command process. For senior Unit Ministry Teams unit exercises are opportunities to mentor and develop junior Unit Ministry Teams.