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Resources for Graduates of USACHCS

 In 2016, the US Army Chaplain Center and School presented reengineered programs of instruction.  The module covering Pastoral Counseling Skills significantly changed to include lessons on chaplain identity, basic counseling skills, clinical models, and theological integration.  CHBOLC students receive about 55 hours of instruction and practice in pastoral counsel and care.  The 2019 CHBOLC Family Life Smart Book  summarizes this instruction in one quick reference.  The Chaplain Captain's Career Course also changed in 2016.  Lessons include supervisory identity and how to supervise pastoral care and counseling of subordinate chaplains.  The 2019 Religious Support Family Ministry Smart Book for C4 is now available. 


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How to Develop and Execute Family Life Training


  1. Examine the chaplain pastoral care and counseling tasks (ICTLs) on the Chaplaincy Task Analyst page.
  2. Download the tasks from CAR or ATN that you would like to train. Input and search on the task number or task title in CAR or ATN.
  3. Read the performance steps and performance measures from each task.
  4. Use the outline from the performance steps to create your training.
  5. Collaborate with a Family Life Chaplain to enhance your training.
  6. Use resources on this page to enhance your training.
  7. Plan and resource your training in conjunction with your S3.  Use the Orders Process.
  8. Conduct the training using the Army Learning Model.
  9. Look for a demonstration of competency in the learner to see if they meet the performance objective of the task.
  10. Evaluate training using the AAR process.

Additional Family Life Resources and Training Aids

ATTENTION: The links, resources, persons, and books listed on this page are not endorsed by the US Government, Department of Defense, the US Army, or the US Army Chaplain Center & School.  The listings are for your informational and situational awareness only. The US Government, it's agencies, and departments do not endorse a particular therapeutic approach, a particular religion, or a certain religious approach to pastoral counseling. There are risks and caveats associated with all therapeutic approaches.  You should consult with a competent supervisor before you employ any technique. You should inquire with your religious denomination or center for higher education to learn more about religious approaches to therapy congruent with your religious tradition.

Link to the Fort Hood Chaplain Family Life Training Center

Lectio Divina Primer (doc) - A one page guide to the ancient practice of "Divine Reading", a contemplative approach to sacred text. This can be helpful to increase mindfulness and resiliency.

Chaplain Identity Heuristic (ppt) - a conceptual model on Chaplain Identity


Pastoral Counseling and Counseling Center Resources

Myers-Briggs Type and Temperament Notes for Counselors (doc)

Sample SOP for Engaging Your Installation Family Life Chaplain (doc)

Counseling that is sound, but also pastoral can be challenging.  This one page document, "Pastoral Counseling Is..." (pdf) attempts to define what pastoral counseling "is" and isn't.

Family Life Counseling Center TTPs (ppt) - AAR with best practices from 3 years at Fort Stewart.

Chaplain Family Life Ministry Overview and Information Briefing (ppt) - Designed for Senior Chaplains and Leaders on an installation to understand the capabilities, battle rhythm, and ministry of an installation family life chaplain.

Use this Sample Intake Form (pdf) to collect basic data to better understand those who come to you for care.

Use this Sample Informed Consent (pdf) to explain who you are and what you do in order to set expectations for how the pastoral counseling relationship will unfold.  Staff this through your local Family Life Chaplain and Staff Judge Advocate in order to account for any local or new changes in law or policy prior to use.

Sometimes your clients want you to talk freely with others.  Use this Confidentiality Release Form (pdf), which is specifically designed to cover the issue of suicidality, in order to gain permission to engage others on confidential matters. 


Articles and Presentations Related to Trauma & Healing

Post-Traumatic Stress and Moral Injury Understanding and Treatment (ppt)

Healing Professions Heuristic (pdf)

4D Anti-fragile Conditioning (ppt)

Basics of Trauma (ppt)

Healing and Preventing Trauma (pdf)

Religious Care for Trauma (ppt)

The Complexity of Loss and Grief (pdf)

The Paradoxes of Healing Trauma (pdf)

Trauma Timeline & Typology of Trauma Personal Inventory (doc)

Essential Elements for Processing Traumatic Memories (doc)

Who I Am Meant To Be (doc)

Soldiers often struggle with anger.  Anger is a common human emotion.  What we do with it can make or break a relationship.  This one page TTP explains how to process anger in a healthy way: Processing Anger Protocol (pdf)



1-2-3 Magic an evidenced-based approach to effective discipline for children 2-12 years old.  Dr. Phelan has other resources here for parenting teens and he specializes in ADHD. 


Scream-Free Marriage and Parenting - are trainings provided by Hal Runkle (and often by Army Community Services) to empower couples with a protocol to "Calm down, grow up, and get closer" to have a better marriage and to be better parents.   


Human Sexuality

Out of the Shadows:material by Patrick Carnes for treating sex and pornography addiction. 

"Emotionally Focused Therapy and Hyper-Sexuality" - A Routledge article explaining the use of EFT for helping treat disrupted attachment in couples struggling with hypersexual behaviors. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 13:219–239, 2006 DOI: 10.1080/10720160600870786

Dr. Snyder's "Affair Stabilization Protocol" Training (ppt) - a copy of training presented by Dr. Douglas Snyder to Family Life Chaplains on how to stabilize and work with couples dealing with the effects of an affair. 

"Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault"   a resource written by a couple who are trained and informed in victim response and theological healing.

"Modifying Sex Therapy: Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Orthodox Jewish Couples"  Some Orthodox Jewish couples can feel frustrated due to the lack of resources and therapeutic approaches that also take into account the strict observances of the orthodox Jewish community. This resource is designed for Orthodox Jewish couples.

"Toward a Growing Marriage" by Dr. Gary Chapman covers the practical aspects of marriage from a evangelical perspective.

"A Celebration of Sex" by Dr. Douglas Rosenau (Ph.D.), is an internationally known, licensed and credentialed expert and theologically trained therapist.  Dr. Rosenau has over 40,000 clinical hours working with couples in this area.

"Restoring Pleasure" by Dr. Clifford (Ph.D.) and Joyce Penner (M.N.) - a step-by-step approach couples can employ for themselves to overcome the negative effects of past trauma on sexual intimacy.


 Models of Therapy

Dr. Janine Bernard (Ph.D) and Dr. Rodney Goodyear (Ph.D) developed the  "Discrimination Model" for Supervision of Counseling, the most researched and popular model of clinical supervision. A video overview can be found by searching on line for the Discrimination Model.

Search for Couples Collaborative Therapy.

Search for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

Search for Emotionally-Focused Therapy

Search for Internal Family Systems.


Books on Counseling & Inner Healing

Sacred Therapy: Jewish Teachings on Inner Wholeness by Estelle Frankel

Islamic Counseling Introduction, Theory and Practice by G. Hussein Rassool

Transforming Self and Community (Roman Catholic Counseling) by Len Sperry

Healing Care, Healing Prayer (Evangelical Counseling) by Terry Wardle

An Introduction to Buddhist Psychology and Counseling by Padmasiri De Silva

When Hearts Become Flame (Orthodox Counseling) by Stephen Muse

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk M.D 

Gottman's 10 Principles for Effective Couple Therapy by John Gottman

A Practical Guide to Rabbinic Counseling by Yisrael N. Levitz

The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Treatment by Babette Rothschild

Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine

EFT Couple Therapy with Survivors of Trauma by Susan Johnson

The Mindful Therapist by Daniel Siegel

Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling (Christian) by Charles Kollar

Solution Oriented Spirituality (not religious specific) by Bill O'Hanlon

After the Fight by Dan Wile

After the Honeymoon by Dan Wile

Christ-Centered Therapy (Internal Family Systems) by Russ Harris

Self-Therapy (Internal Family Systems) by Jay Early

The Practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy by Susan Johnson

Created for Connection: The "Hold Me Tight" Guide for Christian Couples by Susan Johnson and Kenneth Sanderfer